I think that in the US one of the biggest problems is illegal immigration. However it is a problem because people try to give a bad perspective to it. However if we think about it is not a bad think. In fact the country was constructed by illegal immigrant so why is there so much complaining about it know? Some people argue that illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from legal residents but to be honest the jobs that the illegal immigrants are working, legal residents don’t want, legal residents don’t take advantage of them and someone has to do them. These jobs include construction, field work (agriculture), and other jobs that required long hours under the hot sun. I just think that people should not complain so much about it.


I think that deciding whether it is better to be loved or feared is one of the hardest decisions to make. In my opinion I think that everything should have a balance, and in order to decide what is better one must analyze the situation, however I think that in all situations one needs to make sure he /she is respected and that he/she is respectful. For example I believe a boss should be feared yet respected, a boss cannot be friends with everyone because nothing would get done. Parents should also be respected and respectful but not feared, they should be loved. What I am trying to say is that in some cases being loved can have the best results and in other occasions being feared is the best, as long as you always respect and are respected.

When I first read this article I was not sure of what to think, I agree with Gandhi’s belief about the would being such a better place if there was less violence, however, I also belief the world has gotten to a point where it is extremely hard to end violence maybe not impossible, but almost impossible. The reason that I believe this because the world has gotten way to use to dealing with problems using violence. For example, If two countries have a disagreement they go to war, If a person those a crime they might be executed, when two persons don’t agree they have an argument or even fight, and I could go on and on about how people response to situations using violence. For some strange reason persons seem to be easier to control and keep ordered if the higher authorities use violence. Could you imagine what it would be like if cops had a note book instead of a gun and they tried to calm every criminal and have a talk with him/ her to try to solve things, it just wouldn’t work.

I think that this is another of those great speeches in American history. I think I have been hearing about this speech ever since I moved to this country and started attending school. I think that Martin Luther King, JR. was one of the greatest public speakers ever. I like how he mentions that in the constitution It says that every man has the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I think that this important because even if the African American community had been freed from slavery they were not truly free, the oppression and discrimination was just as bad as being slaves. I also think that the way he repeats the phrase “I have a dream” over and over again, gives the speech a lot of personality and makes it stronger. I think that this would have to be one of my favorite speeches of all times.

I think that this speech is one of the most famous ever written in America, I have heard of the Gettysburg address so much and to be honest I had heard it before in a history address, but to be honest I had never read it myself. I think that it is a great speech, I like that he is honoring the fallen soldiers and how he says that the civil war was just a test to see if the nation was really as strong as they had come to belief. I would have to agree whit him on that because, I also belief that the civil war was just a test that we had to endured as a nation. In this speech Lincoln also talks about freedom and about how every man was created equal. I think that at the moment of the speech it was important to say how important equality is.

As soon as I read the title of the excerpt I was attracted to it as something that I could see as relevant. As I was reading I couldn’t help to think of friend and family and even myself. Everything she talks about is true. My cousin was born in the early eighties and he was attending Sonoma state university and had to drop out because he was accumulating too much debt ant he decided to go work and pay his dept off and then return to school when he had enough money saved to finish his last semester, when he finish paying off his debt he began to safe he was ready to go back to Sonoma state and finish his last semester when everything changed jobs went down in his family’s business and he couldn’t go back. My brother born in the late eighties had to take this semester off because he couldn’t get into any of the classes he need this semester know he is working because he wants to save money to come back next semester but whit such hard times is hard to save money. Actually is hard not to be in debt, to banks, to credit cards, and even to ones family. In addition it is hard to find a job. However, there is hope that all of this will end soon and everything will be easier.

To be honest I had no idea of who Marilyn Manson was, but as was reading his arguments were very interesting and that keep me reading. As I was reading I realized that in some way I was agreeing with his arguments and points of view and that made me think. I think that everything in this world has an influence on persons directly or indirectly. Everything from religion to books to television and internet has an effect on us. However, not because something is good or viewed as good it means that it will have a good effect upon us. like Manson said, people blame entertainment, but wasn’t religion the first form of entertainment and even then there were killers and bad persons. A lot of persons might agree with this but then say that today there is even more of this wrong things happening and that it is due to the new forms of entertainment. Yes it is true that there are more bad things happening in new generation and yes it might be because of entertainment, but if we really think about it the only reason this is happening is because there are more persons in this world more forms of entertainment wish lead to more possibilities for persons to be influenced.