The title of this article was the one that caught my attention that most. When I was reading this article I was very interested in it because I had heard of Dolly before. Then as I keep reading the 2005 science fiction film, “the Island” directed by Michael bay came to my mind. This film is about the production of clones used for medical procedures. However, only wealthy persons could afford this, if someone had the money they pay the company that made the clones, they would take a DNA sample and make a clone that would be kept healthy for when that person became ill, needed an organ transplant, they would have the absolute perfect match. The clone would get killed when the owner need something. Eventually in the film two of the clones escape and make a life for themselves. I think that this is one of the thing that scares me the most about cloning, that persons would just want to make a market out of it, that persons would buy a clone to keep them living longer. Cloning is not at that level get but what if got to the point where a clone of anyone could be created to perfection and if that person need a transplant they would get it whit no problem and then just pay for another clone. This might just seem as a thing of science fiction, but what if this truly got to this point, persons are so selfish that this would become a multibillion market overnight without doubt.


When I read the title of this article I first though it was going to be something having to do whit robots, possibly something about the first robots invented now being replaced by newer more sophisticated robots. However, as I read that the only thing that I could think of was the condition of these places and the conditions that this people have to work under. This made me think of the injustice that exists all over the world including civilized more advanced societies. I think that injustice exist in all societies the only difference is that the societies we describe as being more civilized, are just simply better at hiding acts of injustice in their society. A thing that caught my attention very quickly was the statement that said “those who earn the most, hear, are the officials who do nothing.” This statement is a clear expression of the corruption that exists in this place, but then again I also think that corruption exists in all societies only that once more the societies we view are more civilized are just simply better are hiding this sort of thing. In my opinion the more civilized countries have not gotten rid of corruption and acts of injustice, they have just simply learned to hide this acts. Corruption and injustice are thing that will always exist no matter how civilized or uncivilized, rich or poor the place is, this acts will always exist in the communities of the world.

When I first read the title of this article I never imagined that it would be about global warming. I guess I am just not the type of person that thinks about global warming that much. When I started to read about “positive feedback loops” and “negative feedback loops” I understood exactly what the article was about. To be honest I don’t care that much about global warming but this article I actually liked. I think that this article is easy to understand and it is not boring at all. In the article Kristof talks about how global warming has been increasing and how see levels have been raising causing even more global warming. That thing that I liked the most about this article was the ending and not because it was over but because of the question it end with. Kristof end his article whit this question by Dr. Mahlman, “Are we an intelligent species or not?” “Right now, the evidence is against it.” As soon as I read this it got me thinking and I think that even if we are able to invent sophisticated computers, nuclear weapons, beautiful cars, and so many other great thing we are not that smart for we can’t seem to take proper care of our home planet and it seems that when we want to fix something it is because that something is so advance that it seems impossible to fix. If humans are so smart why is it that they don’t prevent wars, why is it that they didn’t pay attention to global warming when evidence first began to appear, why is it that we are always waiting until the problem is so advanced that it seems impossible to fix or to the point where we have to make drastic changes. In my opinion that isn’t too smart from the most evolved species on earth.

When I first started to read this excerpt I was a little confused. I was not really sure about what the author was trying to say, what was the point of him telling me all of this? Was the only thing that would come to my mind. However, a few pages into the article I began to understand the message. I realized what he was trying to say. By the time I finished the article I was sure of what he was trying to get across to people, or at least that’s what I think. I like the way in wish he puts everything into a comic book, It makes the article a lot easier to read and more interesting. I think that if he had just written a traditional article. Full whit words he would have not gotten his point across as easily. In addition I think that if this had not been placed into the comic book format A lot of people would had disagree with him. I have never been a big fan of comic book but I have seen people get so much into them that like McCloud said they see themselves in the comic book. I have also seen people get way too much into cartoons. For example I have a nice that gets so much into the cartoon of Dora the Explorer that she actually tough of herself as another Dora, she wanted short hair an she got it and she would got around the small ranch having her own explorations. However, this is not the only aspect in wish I agree whit McCloud. I also agree in the fact that if this cartons were more realistic those persons that so much into them would not pay attention to them.

“Music as a Safe Place” by Melissa Etheridge was one of the short stories that I have enjoyed the most this semester. I think that in some way I can relate to her. I use to play the guitar in a mariachi band, and when I was playing everything seem to be great. The only difference was that I did not like to play music that would make people sad. Another way in wish I can relate to her was that the first time I got on stage I was so nervous, but when I started to play everything else disappeared and all I could hear was the sound of the other instruments and the voice of the singer. When she was talking about her grandmother I couldn’t help to think about my brother and my paternal grandfather. I didn’t really get to know him because he passed away when I was a little kid. I my brother had a great relationship whit him, he loved my grandfather and when my grandfather past away he suffered a lot. I truly enjoyed this reading, mostly because it made me think of my years in high school, my child hood, and about people I loved.
“I knew from a very young age that music was something I wanted to be part of.” (Etheridge, 525) Thesis.
“A place where I was happy and free and comfortable being myself.” (Etheridge, 525) Polysyndeton.
“Were life was like the movies.” (Etheridge, 525) Simile.
“I thought that I had heard the voice of God.” (Etheridge, 525) Hyperbole.
“The one thing that did keep me safe, that gave me a feeling of comfort growing up, was music. Music took me some were safe.” (Etheridge, 525) Metanomia.
“I became obsessed with music” (Etheridge, 525) Metabasis.
“I became inspired and found some peace in the process” (Etheridge, 525) Parallelism.

To be honest I had I hard time reading this story and still I was not able to understand it to well. I did not like it, not because it’s bad but because I was not able to get the point of it so I don’t even understand it.
“Man lives, and ought to live, in a complex world, full of conflicting claims, and if we simplified them down into the aesthetic he would be sterilized” (Forster, 548) Thesis.
“What laws did Shelley propose to pass? None” (Foster 552) Hypophora .
“Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world” (Foster 552) Methaphor.

“A Respectable Woman” is a story about Mrs. Baroda. In this story Mrs. Baroda meets someone that at first she doesn’t like. However over time she begins to feel attracted to that man. When I read about this it made me think about myself. This has actually happened to me, I remember a time that I meet a girl that at first I thought she was so annoying and stubborn. However over time I had to talk to her and once I got to know her I was able to see she was a great person.
“Oh, she told him, laughingly, after pressing a long, tender kiss upon his lips, I have overcome everything! You will see. This time I shall be very nice to him.” (Chopin ,288). Example of Irony.